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What is AHEC Digital Library?

The North Carolina AHEC Digital Library (ADL) is an online service of the North Carolina AHEC Program serving North Carolina healthcare professionals with a focus on clinical care and continuing education. The ADL provides access to current medical literature and other quality health information resources through electronic full-text journals, books and databases.

Who Can Use It?

The AHEC Digital Library (ADL) is designed to meet the needs of physicians, nurses and other allied health practitioners. Regardless of whether or not you fit into one of those categories however, just give us a call and ask about a Trial Membership to see if ADL is for you.

Preceptors may have a complementary membership by registering with the AHEC office in their region. Preceptors have access to online resources from the university of the students that they take. (Preceptors taking ECU students may access selected ECU online resources)

If you are a preceptor in Eastern North Carolina, or if you are located elsewhere but precept ECU Medical Students, please contact us for more information.

ADL Membership Information

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Jeffrey Coghill
Director of Eastern AHEC Library Services, Head of Outreach Services
Laupus Library
(252) 744-2066